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Mediamatic Foundation
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"Mediamatic Foundation - perspectives on digital culture

Mediamatic Foundation sheds a new light on the digital culture of the new media, the place where art and technology intertwine.

Thanks to its philosophical and historical background, Mediamatic offers an ever surprising, sometimes alienating view on the world of modern media.

Mediamatic focuses on freedom of thought and discovery, strives to uncover new insights, looks for the unaccustomed in the ordinary and the ordinary in the unaccustomed. The raw material for Mediamatic is analysis, polemic, experiment, speculation and sometimes pure fiction.

Mediamatic's only assumption is the idea that digital media deeply influence every aspect of human life.

The Mediamatic Foundation composes the content of The Mediamatic editorial staff invites authors and artists to shed new light on the culture of new media. Mediamatic editors also write essays and dissertations on the culture of new media and review websites, CD-ROMs, books and festivals.

Mediamatic Foundation organises a series of workshops that investigate the artistic possibilities of the interactive media and organises the Mediamatic Salon, a monthly gathering where media projects are presented. The Foundation also organises irregular symposia on the subject of new media art and theory and publishes CD-ROMs and DVDs under the Mediamatic Off-Line label.

Mediamatic Foundation was established in 1985 and was originally founded to act as a meeting place and forum for video artists and TV dissidents. The Foundation published Mediamatic Magazine, an international bilingual journal in Dutch and English about the cultural and artistic implications of new media. Since 1993 Mediamatic has also published a now famous series of CD-ROMs. Mediamatic has been available on the WWW since 1993.

The editors of Mediamatic are Willem Velthoven, Jans Possel, Paul Groot, Jorinde Seijdel, Dirk van Weelden, Arie Altena and Geert-Jan Strengholt.

Mediamatic also employs Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Kristin Maurer, Bea Correa and Jaap van der Sluijs.

The activities of Mediamatic Foundation are subsidized by the Dutch Ministry of Culture, the Mondriaan Foundation, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, ThuisKopie Fonds and Media Training.

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