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8254 days ago
Love it. Handy gadget for home-server needs.

Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.63 x 7.75 inches
(19.05 x 19.38 x 19.69 cm)
Weight: ~8.3lbs. - 9.5lbs.
Power requirements:
Input rating 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption:
45 W max, 33 W typical, 22 W idle
Operating environment:
32� to 95� F (0� to 35� C)
10% to 80% humidity (non-condensing)
Non-operating environment:
14� to 122�F (-10� to 50�)
5% to 93% humidity (non-condensing)
LEDs: Power, Network Activity, Link
Web Publishing � Create and host your own Web site. The Sun
Qube 3 appliance offers integrated support for CGI, Perl and
PHP scripting, Interbase� 6, MySQL and PostgreSQL
databases, and is also pre-configured to support FrontPage�
2000 Server Extensions.
� Email services and WebMail � Individual email, group mailing
lists, vacation replies, automatic forwarding, scheduled email
delivery and retrieval, and multi-drop support. All standard
(SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP) email clients are supported. Sun
WebMail client has been included to allow your users access to
their email through a standard Web browser.
� Sun BlueLinQ Application Delivery Service � The Sun
Qube 3 appliance automatically informs the administrator of
available system updates and patches as well as new applications
for it.
� Auto-Configure Network � The Sun Qube 3 appliance includes
the option to automatically configure your internal network to
use services such as DHCP, DNS, NAT and Web Services.
� Security � The built-in packet filter firewall can easily be configured
to protect your company�s private data while giving your
users full Internet access. 128-bit SSL encryption provides for
secure remote administration.
� Multilingual User Interface � The Sun Qube 3 automatically
detects the Web browser�s language settings and supports
English, French, German, Chinese and Spanish.
� Network Address Translation (NAT) � Share a single Internet
connection with an entire office, while adding extra protection
by hiding your internal network from the Internet.
� Cross-platform file services � Windows and Mac OS� users can
exchange information by using Windows and Apple File
Sharing or File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
� PPPoE � Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet is supported to
allow you to authenticate your Sun Qube 3 appliance on a broadband
� Web Caching (optional) � Caching improves the performance
of your Internet access by reducing network traffic and
increasing the speed of page lookups.
� Web Access Control (optional) � Control the Web sites your
internal users have access to.
� RAID 1 (optional) � The Sun Qube 3 appliance includes software
RAID 1, which ensures the availability of content in the
event of disk failure through data redundancy over two disks.
300 or 450 MHz Intel�- compatible processor
512KB L2 Cache
Up to 512MB PC-100 SDRAM DIMMs (2 slots)
Dual 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network interfaces
Internal Ultra ATA/33 hard drives
(dual drive supported with RAID 1 option)
Ultrawide SCSI Interface (40 Mb/sec) (optional)
LCD panel for easy setup and administration
PCI Slot for Expansion
Serial Console Interface
System Management:
Sun Server Desktop Web-based Interface with automatic
language detection (English, French, German, Spanish)
Sun BlueLinQ Application Delivery Service
ActiveMonitor Maintenance Agents
Online ActiveAssist Real Time Help
Browser-based Setup Wizard
Browser-based Backup Utility
SSL 128-bit Encryption for Secure Administration
Software Features:
Sun WebMail browser-based email client
Mailing Lists and Archiving
Linux� 2.2 Multitasking Operating System
Apache� 1.3 web server, HTTP/1.1-compliant
SMTP, IMAP4, POP3 Email Protocol Support
Software Features Continued:
FTP, SMB and AppleShare� File Services
LDAP Service Support
Code Development Environment
CGI/Perl/PHP Scripting Support
Interbase� 6 SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases
FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions
Web Caching (optional)
Web Access Control (optional)
RAID 1 Disk Mirroring (optional)
Domain Name System (DNS) Server
DHCP Client & Server
PPPoE Support
Dial-up Access Control
Network Address Translation (NAT)
Packet Filter Firewall


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